The best fresh produce from the heart of Africa

Premium fresh produce from Rwanda

Afri Foods is a dynamic and innovative, woman-led, gourmet horticulture company. We grow and supply premium fresh produce from Rwanda.

Our range of fresh fruit and vegetables includes avocado, chilli, passionfruit, bitter lemon, pineapple, eggplant, plantain, and apple banana.

We work with over 500 farmers in the northern, eastern, and southern provinces. 70% are women and youth. We pay above market rates for their premium produce, helping them to achieve a real living wage. Our aim is to increase their household incomes by 40% by 2025.

Afri Foods farmers are trained in best agricultural practices and food handling, in collaboration with the National Agriculture Development Board (NAEB). We want to ensure that our fruit and vegetables are of the highest quality with full traceability back to individual farms.

The Afri Foods vision

Be the leading premium exporter of Rwandan agricultural fresh produce by 2030

Retain our commitment to quality, efficient shipping, and transparency

Deliver value and trust to our stakeholders in every area of our business

Boost the local fresh produce market and encourage healthier food consumption in Rwanda

Our company has been working with AfriFoods since February 2020. Ms Sakina and her team have built a relationship based on trust and commitment.

Ignacio Laiseca, CEO, Golden Tree Food Stuff LLC, Dubai, UAE

Salad leaves flying - Afri Foods exports fresh produce from Rwanda

Our founder and CEO is Rwandan woman, Sakina Usengimana. Her ideas, energy, and commitment to achieve great things is behind everything we do at Afri Foods.

We are proud to be one of Rwanda’s most innovative and exciting new agribusinesses. We have lots of plans and new projects coming up and would love to hear from prospective new partners.