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Afri Foods is an innovative, woman-led, gourmet horticulture export company. Our Rwandan fresh produce includes Habanero and bird’s eye chillies, Fuerte and Hass avocados, passionfruit, bitter lemon, pineapple, eggplant, plantains, and apple bananas.  We sell our Rwandan fresh produce to local consumers as well as global markets.

 Afri Foods launched in August 2019 and just two years later, is one of the most well-known horticulture export companies in Rwanda. We pride ourselves on supplying exceptional quality fresh produce to customers around the world.  Our CEO and founder is Sakina Usengimana, a dynamic and energetic young Rwandan woman and entrepreneur. She has built Afri Foods from the ground up.

We now work with over 500 farmers across the northern, eastern, and southern provinces of Rwanda. 70% of our farmers are women and youth. We are proud to pay above market rates for their premium produce, ensuring sustainable, living wages.

In 2021, Afri Foods was chosen as a Rwandan supplier of fresh chillies and avocados to the international supermarket company, Carrefour, in Dubai. It marks a clear achievement for our company.

We are growing rapidly and are looking to expand the Afri Foods customer base. Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.  

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