Premium Rwandan fresh produce

Afri Foods produce and export premium Rwandan fruit and vegetables including passionfruit, eggplant, fresh chilli & Hass avocado. 

Fresh spicy chillies

Habanero Caribbean red chilli – A very pungent chilli variety with a fruity, slightly smoky aroma andan extreme sharpness (10+) of up to 450,000 Scoville. As the sharpness decreases, it leaves a fine, intense, lemon note.

Habanero chillies are deep red, lantern-shaped peppers 2-5cm long, harvested from small bushes with upright stems. They have vivid green, ovular leaves with pointed tips and sprout 2-6 five-petaled flowers per stem in white, yellow, pale green or purple.

This intensely spicy variety make the most divine salsa or chilli sauce. Habaneros are perfect for the chilli connoisseur or gourmet chilli adventurers.

Bird’s eye chilli – An African variety from the species Capsicum annuum, which grows particularly well in equatorial conditions. A small, shiny, reddish orange, tapering pepper 5cm long, it has high piquancy (100,000 Scoville) with a sharpness degree of 9. They grow from upright bushes with pointed dark green leaves.

Bird’s eye chillies are perfect in spicy dishes with meat, poultry, or vegetables, and when dried, are a good choice for spice mills. 

How spicy is this chilli?

We follow the internationally recognized Scoville scale which measures the spiciness or pungency of chillies. It is based on the amount of capsaicin (the chemical compound that causes spicy heat) in a chilli.

The higher the number, the hotter the chilli. The well-known Jalapeño pepper, for example, is rated 10,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHUs).

Agri Food’s chillies are significantly spicier than that. They are loved by chilli connoisseurs and gourmet adventurers alike.

Fuerte & Hass avocados

We supply two varieties of organic avocados for export – Hass and Fuerte.

Hass avocados are a cultivar of Persea americana, a larger fruit with dark green, thick, rough skin, maturing to purplish-black when fully ripe. The flesh closest to the skin is pale green, developing into a yellow undertone near the centre.

Hass avocados have soft, creamy, and barely fibrous fresh, with a good oil content. They are rich and nutty with a slightly sweet finish.

Fuerte avocados have a smooth medium-thin skin which is easy to peel and dense, pale green flesh with some dark speckling.

Fuerte avocados are rich and creamy with notes of hazelnuts and a clean, grassy finish.

Health benefits of avocados

The avocado is a superfood worthy of the name. It contains more protein, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin K per ounce than any other fruit.

The avocado also has monounsaturated fat, such as oleic acid that acts as a “nutrient booster”. It  enables the human body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha and beta-carotene and lutein, from other foods eaten with the fruit.

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New Afri Foods fresh produce

We are excited to share that we have several new fresh produce lines that will soon be available for domestic sale and export. These include passionfruit, bitter lemon, eggplant, plantain, pineapple, and apple banana.

We are also developing a chilli powder from our popular fresh bird’s eye chillies.